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Most Impactful Use of Technology on Clinical Practice

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The NHS is increasingly focusing on leveraging technology to enhance clinical practice and improve patient outcomes. With the growing complexity of healthcare needs, innovative technological solutions are critical for advancing clinical efficiency and effectiveness. This award recognises the exceptional contributions of technology providers and companies that have partnered with NHS organisations to develop and implement solutions specifically aimed at enhancing clinical practice. Eligible projects should demonstrate clear and measurable improvements within the last two years, showcasing how they have addressed significant challenges in clinical settings.


  • Entrants must be technology providers or companies that have partnered with an NHS organisation to develop and implement a solution specifically aimed at enhancing clinical practice
  • Eligible projects should have shown clear results within the last two years up to the awards submission deadline


  • Describe the specific clinical challenges and context your project addresses within the NHS.
  • Outline the goals and targets set for the initiative, detailing both quantitative and qualitative aspects
  • Highlight how the project aims to implement innovative technological solutions to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes


  • Provide evidence of the benefits realised for patients, including improvements in clinical outcomes and quality of care
  • Describe the organisational benefits, such as enhanced efficiency, leadership, and value creation
  • Present measurable results that demonstrate the success of the project in improving clinical practice and operational efficiency


  • Explain how the success of the initiative has been communicated within the NHS and to other relevant organisations
  • How has the business worked with the NHS to ensure any best practice learning has been disseminated?
  • Include testimonials and quantitative evidence supporting the dissemination and replication of the initiative's success


  • Describe how stakeholders, including NHS staff and patients, were involved in the project from planning to implementation
  • Highlight the contributions of different stakeholders, focusing on how their buy-in and active participation were achieved
  • Provide evidence of ongoing consultation and collaboration through testimonials, survey reports, and documented feedback mechanisms


  • Detail how the project has created value from the perspective of patient satisfaction and experience
  • Discuss reductions in bureaucracy, enhanced clinical efficiency, and time saved for staff at various levels within the NHS
  • Provide evidence of broader system value, such as improved care delivery and operational efficiency

Most Impactful Use of Technology on Clinical Practice

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