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As the NHS navigates increasing demands for efficiency and sustainability, the centralised energy procurement strategy developed with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) represents a significant shift. This initiative aims to achieve significant cost savings, price stability, and improved energy management. This award recognises all types of utility suppliers who have made substantial contributions in these areas. This includes energy providers, utility management firms, and any other partners who have demonstrated their commitment to supporting the NHS's goals. Projects should show evidence of cost savings, enhanced service reliability, and contributions to sustainability, covering activities from the past two years up until the awards deadline date.


  • This award is open to any energy providers, utility management firms, and any other partners that have worked in partnership with the NHS to improve the management and efficiency of utilities such as water, gas, electricity, or waste services
  • Projects must demonstrate substantial benefits and evidence from the past two years up until the awards deadline date


  • Provide a clear rationale for the project, including the context of how the project aligns with the NHS's demands for increased efficiency and sustainability
  • Outline the project's specific goals in terms of cost savings, price stability, and improved energy management
  • Detail how the project draws on best practices or evidence, and aligns with objectives set by oversight bodies such as the Crown Commercial Service (CCS)


  • Provide evidence of substantial benefits realised from the project, including cost savings and enhancements in service reliability
  • Include quantitative data or qualitative measures, such as staff or patient feedback, to demonstrate the project's impact
  • Describe how the project has improved the allocation of resources in utility management, enhancing overall efficiency


  • Illustrate how the project's successful strategies have been communicated and adopted by other parts of the NHS or similar organisations
  • Detail the efforts made to disseminate results and best practices within the broader healthcare community


  • Explain the collaborative approach used in the project, detailing how various stakeholders, including energy providers, utility management firms, and NHS partners, were engaged
  • Highlight how input from these stakeholders influenced the project’s design and implementation
  • Discuss any partnerships formed during the project, especially those that improve sustainable practices and efficient resource management


  • Show concrete evidence that the project has delivered significant financial savings while also improving the quality of utility services
  • Discuss the dual benefits of the project in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability, demonstrating value for the NHS
  • Provide testimonials from relevant stakeholders, including NHS staff and management, supporting the project’s contributions

Best Utility Supplier

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