Best Not for Profit Working in Partnership with the NHS
Best Not for Profit Working in Partnership with the NHS

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Partnerships between the third sector and NHS organisations are almost as old as the NHS itself. Volunteering and fundraising are very much part of the altruistic nature of many who want to support the NHS. However, many charities also provide much needed services which the NHS can’t necessarily provide on its own. This award has been designed to recognise the valuable contribution that this sector plays in helping the NHS deliver services.  

Winners of this category will be a not-for-profit organisation which has worked with an NHS organisation on a project which has helped deliver a service. Services which can be considered range from counselling or nursing to supporting vulnerable groups and employees. Judges will be looking for examples of services which have been provided to an NHS organisation which they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to provide. Special consideration will be given to innovative, ground break projects which have improved the outcomes for patients, staff and their environments. 


  • Entrants will be charities, voluntary organisations, CIC groups or other not for profit bodies 
  • Judges are looking for examples of joint working and partnership projects or on-going service deliver which can demonstrate excellent results for patients, staff or other stakeholders 
  • Evidence must be relevant to the past 2 years up until the awards entry deadline 


  • Describe the context of the partnership including the scope of work and how the third sector works with an NHS organisation to deliver services and support operations and administration.  
  • What do the parameters of service deliver and what are the measures of success for the partnership?  
  • How was the partnership conceived and what need is being fulfilled which the NHS could not do without support?   


  • Describe how the partnership has achieved success using supporting evidence and testimonials demonstrating value creation, improved patient outcomes and experience, reduction in inefficient processes and any money that may have consequently been saved.  
  • Judges are looking for projects and partnerships which can demonstrate real value for the NHS organisation and the not-for-profit group. 


  • How has the partnership worked at disseminating the success stories within the NHS organisation and with other involved in providing health and care services?  
  • How do the parties work together at benchmarking best practice and sharing information for others to learn from?


  • Describe how stakeholders are involved in the design of the partnership?  
  • How do patients, staff and other parties contribute toward the goals and outcomes and how do they add value to the partnership?  
  • Judges are looking to reward excellence in stakeholder engagement whether that be patients, their families or carers, staff or volunteers.


  • To what extent has the partnership led to material and measurable improvements in both financial and non-monetary value?  
  • Demonstrate any additional value creation for patients and staff across all partners   

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