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Best Contribution to Improving the Efficiency of NHS services

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The NHS is focusing on improving efficiency and productivity to tackle rising demands and financial constraints. Amidst ongoing challenges such as staff shortages, increased patient acuity, and social care capacity issues, innovative solutions are critical. This award recognises projects that optimise resources, reduce costs, and improve patient care through effective resource management, lean working practices, and integration of services. Successful initiatives will demonstrate measurable improvements in operational efficiency, patient throughput, and overall service delivery, highlighting the crucial role of collaboration in advancing NHS efficiency and productivity.


  • This award is open to any private sector or independent healthcare provider that has partnered with the NHS to improve the efficiency of NHS services
  • These can be single partnerships or joint working projects, but must demonstrate evidence from the past two years up until the awards deadline date


  • Describe the project's context, addressing specific NHS challenges such as staff shortages, increased patient acuity, or social care capacity issues
  • Outline the specific goals set for efficiency or productivity improvements, providing quantitative or qualitative targets
  • Detail the impacts on staff experience and patient outcomes, highlighting starting points and potential for improvement


  • Present evidence of efficiency or productivity improvements, including percentage levels or other quantifiable metrics
  • Describe the impacts on improving collaboration, clinical quality, and patient and staff experience as a result of the partnership
  • Explain how the improvements in efficiency, capacity, and reduction in bureaucracy will be sustained in the future


  • Describe how the success of the collaborative initiative has been communicated within the organisation and across organisational boundaries
  • Provide examples of efforts to ensure learnings from the partnership are shared and adopted by others within the NHS
  • Include testimonial and quantitative evidence supporting the dissemination and replication of the initiative's success


  • Detail how the project team engaged key stakeholders, including staff and patients, in the planning and implementation phases
  • Describe the ongoing consultation process within the partnership to review impacts on stakeholders, ensuring continuous improvement
  • Provide evidence of stakeholder involvement and consultation through testimonials, survey reports, and documented feedback mechanisms


  • Explain how the project has exceeded initial expectations, creating positive impacts on patient satisfaction and staff experience
  • Discuss the effect on the wider NHS system or organisation, focusing on efficiency gains and reduced bureaucracy achieved through the collaboration
  • Provide demonstrative evidence to support claims of value creation, such as improved patient care and time saved for staff

Best Contribution to Improving the Efficiency of NHS services

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