20 March 2025, Evolution London

Recognising excellence in the provision of clinical service to the NHS

The current healthcare landscape in the UK is characterised by significant reliance on Independent Healthcare Providers (IHPs) to meet the demands of an overburdened NHS system. IHPs have been instrumental in addressing both acute and chronic challenges within the healthcare system, ensuring sustainability and improved patient care. Their role has become even more crucial as the NHS grapples with the workforce challenges and ongoing financial pressures.

The HSJ Independent Healthcare Providers Awards, incorporated into the Partnership Awards for the inaugural event, recognise and celebrate the invaluable contributions of IHPs to the NHS. These awards offer a spotlight for IHPs to demonstrate their vital role in complementing NHS services especially during times of high demand. The awards showcase exemplary achievements, fostering innovation and integration across the healthcare system, and enhancing IHPs' visibility and credibility. This recognition encourages continued collaboration, serving as a benchmark of excellence and offering IHPs a prestigious opportunity to influence the broader healthcare agenda, ensuring their integral role in a more integrated and productive healthcare system.

The HSJ Independent Healthcare Providers Awards are judged by senior NHS figures, including many trust and ICS executives. HSJ’s unparalleled reach into and standing among NHS leaders ensures the shortlisted and winning entries are acknowledged by those with the greatest influence. 

Why should organisations enter: 

  • Be recognised by the NHS for your achievements in treating NHS patients;
  • Become nationally recognised as a leading independent healthcare provider; 
  • Demonstrate how you deliver value for money and efficiency; 
  • Help develop a clear evidence base that will ensure you stand out from your competitors; 
  • Strengthen bonds with existing NHS partners by jointly submitting and celebrating success; 
  • Present to a judging panel of senior NHS and leaders, and gain useful feedback;
  • Receive coverage of your awards entry on HSJ’s online platforms and social channels; and 
  • Shortlisted entries feature in the dedicated HSJ Partnership Awards e-supplement published on hsj.co.uk. 

HSJ Independent Healthcare Providers Awards winners are automatically shortlisted for the wider HSJ Awards programme –providing a second chance to win, and even greater exposure.