Legal Services Provider of the Year

Legal Services Provider of the Year

legal_services_provider_of_the_year_0.jpgNHS organisations rely on external legal advice for everything from the mundane to the extraordinary – from complex HR disputes through decisions around tendering services to cases involving both UK and EU law. This award recognizes that they can play an important complementary role to in-house legal staff, offering expert advice and additional capacity at times of stress.

Good legal advice can save organisations money, but it can also help to protect their reputation, meet regulatory requirements and deal with new challenges such as setting up joint ventures, working with other organisations within an accountable care system or sustainability and transformation programme. As the NHS changes, their role may become even more important in helping clients steer their way through an evolving landscape. We will be looking for a firm whose expertise and approach has helped NHS organisations get the results they were looking for at a low cost.


  • Entrants will be legal services providers that are delivering services to NHS Organisations for single projects or over a period of time
  • Judges are looking for evidence that the services provider has developed an efficient and value for money partnership
  • Evidence may relate to service levels, results, sound advice and integrity from the past 2 years up until the awards entry deadline

Criteria :


  • Outline the scope of work, describe the brief, challenges and desired results.
  • What are the aims of the partnership and how are parameters set to deliver on brief?
  • How did the service provider work with the NHS organisation at defining any relevant targets? Describe the working relationship including regular updates, communication with relevant parties and managing expectations.


  • Judges will be looking for evidence good customer service, information sharing, integrity and delivery of service goals.
  • Has the provider delivered on reasonable expectations and how can this be demonstrated against the ambition?
  • Judges will be looking for detailed testimonials from stakeholders which demonstrate excellence in communication, service and results.


  • How has the partnership worked together to share best practice with other teams in the NHS organisation?
  • What have been the learnings from the project and how have these been applied elsewhere?
  • Judges are looking for partnerships which can demonstrate that any knowledge gained as a result of the project can be used not only by the direct client but that has been or has the potential of being shared with other NHS organisations.


  • How have the partnership team worked with all relevant stakeholders?
  • Describe in detail the processes put in place to ensure all parties are kept informed of progress and how their input has influenced decisions.
  • Judges are looking for excellence in communication and information sharing which results in interested groups are bought in to the process.​


  • What added value resulted from the partnership? How did the results positively affect other parts of the NHS organisation?
  • Have learnings improved processes or experiences elsewhere?
  • Have the project team worked with others at applying knowledge to save the NHS organisation money, improve efficiency or reduce bureaucracy?
  • Has the partnership resulted in best practice applications which have changed staff or patient experience or enabled the NHS organisation to delivery better services?

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