HSJ Partnership Awards 2024 - Social Value Initiative of the Year
Social Value Initiative of the Year

How to apply

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As anchor institutions, whose long-term sustainability is tied to the wellbeing of the populations that they serve, social value now contributes to a 10% weighting in all procurement decisions in the NHS. Social value is a mechanism to help reduce health inequalities, drive better environmental performance and deliver more value from procured products and services. 

The opportunity in the health sector is huge and the payback is clear – healthy, resilient and sustainable communities mean the health system is better able to manage the demands on its own resources, so this is an exciting initiative building momentum across healthcare. 

This award recognises suppliers who have developed innovative projects and initiatives as part of their social value commitments to the NHS and can demonstrate how these are making a positive environmental, social and/or economic impact. 


  • Entrants will be suppliers to the NHS who can demonstrate impact from their social value commitments made through procurement contracts with 1 or more organisations 
  • They will need to be able to demonstrate early-stage results, with a minimum of 6 months of evidence up to the awards entry deadline 
  • Projects and initiatives must demonstrate efforts in one or more of the following areas: fighting climate change, wellbeing, equal opportunity, tackling economic inequality or COVID-19 recovery 


  • Outline the depth and breadth of the social value initiative, who is involved, desired outcomes and timeframes.  
  • Describe the area/s of social value your initiative addresses and the rationale for selecting these as priorities  
  • What makes this project stand-out from other social value initiatives, what makes it innovative, original and a best-in-class example for the NHS 


  • What impact has the social value initiative made so far – and what do you expect it to deliver into the future 
  • Please provide any information that would support the outcomes derived in one or more of the following areas: fighting climate change, wellbeing, equal opportunity, tackling economic inequality or COVID-19 recovery 
  • What secondary benefits has your project created in terms of your partnership with the NHS, or staff morale within your own organisation, for example 


  • Judges are looking for evidence that achievements have been disseminated to other NHS organisations and can be applied more broadly across procurement. 
  • Please detail how many organisations are benefitting from the social value project currently 
  • How do you plan to spread the best practice and impact of your work 


  • Who was involved in the co-creation of the social value initiative from the within the NHS, including end-users or those that will benefit from the project as relevant 
  • Describe the engagement process, how were affected parties approached, what level of influence have they had on the partnership and proposed changes?  
  • Describe any collaborative working which led to the success of the project and how each party has consequentially benefited. 

  • How does the project benefit the NHS beyond the contracted services being provided 
  • How does the project support the attainment of wider NHS targets and goals  
  • What other measures can demonstrate a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of local populations – which in return support the NHS 
  • Share if and how the project has benefited front line staff, patients and the way services are delivered. 

To find out more

For entry enquiries, contact James Elliot on james.elliott@wilmingtonplc.com