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Data and technology are used daily by NHS staff to administer and manage, diagnose and develop treatments and help patients manage their own care. Many of the improvements in the platforms used are generated from ideas by the bedside or even from patients. Equally private enterprises can create game changing system improvements to existing platforms and products or replace them entirely.

Judges are looking for innovations in these systems, platforms, products and software which have been developed and implemented and can demonstrate results for patients, staff and the NHS organisation. Winners will be partnerships which have changed a system or process with a technology innovation and solved a problem as a result. The technology can be administrative, patient focused, or clinical.


  • Entrants will be businesses or SMEs working in partnership with an NHS organisation on the specific development and implementation of a technology, system or software platform
  • Evidence of results must be from the past two years up until the awards deadline date


  • Outline the context and need for a new technology solution, and why this was commissioned rather than built in-house
  • Discuss how the platform, system or interface was designed, and for whom
  • Describe how the technology has been adapted or applied for use by the NHS organisation


  • Describe how the introduction of the technology was introduced, and how staff were trained to ensure effective uptake
  • Share the results of the implementation, and to what extent they delivered against expectations and goals
  • Evidence how the partnership directly or indirectly improved patient outcomes


  • Has the technology been picked up by any other NHS organisations?
  • How has the business worked with the NHS to ensure any best practice learning has been disseminated?
  • Judges are looking for evidence which shows the technology has potential for further application elsewhere in the health service or is being actively employed


  • How did the different partners work together to solve a problem with technology?
  • What was the level of interaction in terms of concept, development, realisation and application?
  • Evidence how the solution was coproduced with, or adapted by, NHS teams to solve their specific problems


  • How has the technology added value to the NHS organisation?
  • What has been the return on investment for staff, patients, process and systems?
  • Judges are looking for demonstrable evidence of value in terms of efficiency and time, patient outcomes and experience and the ability of staff to treat more patients better

Best Technology Partnership of the Year

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