Property and Estates Management Service Provider of the Year

Property and Estates Management Service Provider of the Year

Estates are at the top of the NHS agenda since the publication of the Naylor report raising the prospect of releasing money for investment through selling off unused land or properties. Many NHS trusts don’t have the expertise in-house to tackle some of the issues involved in this such as maximizing the value from their existing estates or commissioning new facilities which meet the health needs of the population in the future. There are also potential improvements to be made in more mundane areas such as maintaining existing sites and improving energy consumption.

This award will go to an organisation which has helped NHS trusts make the most of their current estate or had innovative solutions to help it develop new properties – often within tight budgets – or a mixture of both. It is likely to have worked closely with NHS staff – and potentially patients – to meet the NHS’s needs within the resources available.


  • Entrants will be property or estates management firms working with NHS organisations
  • Evidence will relate to projects ongoing or completed in the past 2 years up until the awards entry deadline
  • Evidence will relate to specific project with an NHS partner.

Criteria :


  • Outline the scope of the project including the brief, aims and how the partnership was appointed. What was the context in which the project was required and what interested parties were involved?
  • Describe what challenges were identified and the plan that was put in place to overcome these. Judges are looking for projects which have clearly defined goals which are for the benefit of the NHS organisation and include maximising opportunities for value creation.


  • Describe in detail with supporting information the success of the project including any financial, environmental, on-time delivery, energy and clinical metrics.
  • Provide supporting evidence including quantitative data alongside testimonials and any value creation.
  • Judges are looking for high quality projects of any size which deliver against brief.


  • Has the partnership project team gained any learnings which have been or have the potential of being applied to projects elsewhere within the NHS organisation or with other NHS organisations.
  • How have the project team worked together at disseminating best practice?


  • What efforts were made to involve all relevant stakeholders in the planning and execution of the project?
  • What processes were put in place to enable clear and regular communication of activity.
  • Judges are looking for projects which have included parties effected by the plan including front-line staff, management and were relevant, patients. 


  • How was value creation included in the plan and realised in execution?
  • What are the measures of value?
  • Judges will be looking for projects which improve financial circumstance but also add value to staff, patients and environment.

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