Partnering with MediCinema helps define our approach to developing and highlighting the two-way partnerships in the healthcare sector. MediCinema brings the real benefits of cinematherapy to patients and their families throughout the UK. 

About MediCinema

MediCinema is a charity dedicated to improving the well-being of patients, their families and carers across the UK through the magic of the shared cinema experience. Founded in 1999 at St Thomas’s Hospital, we build, install and manage state-of-the-art cinemas, screening the latest releases the film industry has to offer in hospitals and health facilities. We do this so that long-term patients can enjoy some precious normality and the escapism, magic and excitement that a trip to the cinema brings to each and every one of us.

Our six MediCinemas are located in health facilities around the UK and delivered 24,413 cinema experiences to patients and their families, through over 1,034 free screenings, in 2018. MediCinema also provide separate nursing care to ensure patients, whatever their condition, have the best and safest experience while in the cinema, and do this in partnership with the hospitals and their associated charities.

Our purpose built screens show up to date film releases, donated by the film industry for free, and are fully digitalised with RealD 3D screens and Dolby Surround Sound. Our screens are built to accommodate patients in wheelchairs, beds, on drips or monitors so everyone can enjoy the joy and escapism of cinema. By creating a true cinema experience in this safe, stimulating, relaxing and sociable environment, MediCinema-goers can escape the isolation of their wards and illness, and enjoy a few hours of normality and fun with their family and loved ones.

Feedback from attendees is conclusive. In a recent survey 96% of respondees said MediCinema makes a big or massive difference to their experience of hospital; 90% said it reduces anxiety, 93% that it reduces isolation, 92% that is makes them feel relaxed, 90% that it gives them something to talk about afterwards, 97% that it gives them a sense of normality, and 91% that it makes them feel better.

Most importantly, patients and their families tell us what it means to them. Uzayr, aged 10, in London says “when the door closes I forget all about my pain”; Mr Donnelly in Glasgow said of his young daughter “I am 100% certain that Jennifer has not smiled so much since the onset of her illness 18 months ago”, and Kai, aged 26, says: “it’s been a massive struggle, I have been very low, but I saw a MediCinema poster and it was like a shining light”.

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Clinical benefits of cimematherapy to patients and their families in the UK
HSJ visited Head of Paediatric Psychology at St Thomas' to talk about about the benefits that cinema brings to patients of all ages, and their familities.

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