Facilities Management Supplier of the Year

Facilities Management Supplier of the Year

hsjawards2019_2371_everyoneonstage.jpg​​The NHS would not run smoothly were it not for the catering, cleaning, car parking and other staff who often operate behind the scenes but deliver a vital service.

Many of these 'hotel services' are now provided by private companies, either through a contract or as part of a wider PFI agreement. But their work has an enormous impact, not just on the patient experience but often on the safety and wellbeing of patients as well. Hospital cleaning services deserve a special mention here as they will help reduce the risk of healthcare acquired infections.

The winner in this category is likely to be patient-focused, with a real commitment to playing their part in enhancing the patient experience, while also being aware of the need to deliver within budget for trusts. They are likely to work alongside trusts, understanding their pressures and the need for fast, flexible responses if problems occur.


  • Entrants will be facilities management, catering, cleaning and other ancillary services providers who work directly with NHS organisations
  • Judges are looking for evidence relating to the provision of services over the past 2 years up until the awards entry deadline
  • Evidence may be related to single projects or multiple clients

Criteria :


  • Describe the scope of work that the supplier provides including all relevant details around staffing, services, quality standards and delivery.
  • Give examples of how customer expectations set and how levels are maintained.
  • How are staff integrated into the working environment and how are working conditions and welfare monitored?
  • Outline working partnership arrangements with customers including processes, measures of success and communication.
  • What goals are set within partnerships and how are they agreed upon? Judges are looking for providers with ambitious standards and high staff satisfaction.


  • Using detailed testimonials from one or more customers describe successful partnerships are realised.
  • Provide examples of services delivered to high standards, meeting expectations and maintaining staff welfare and satisfaction.
  • Judges are looking for regular reviews of service levels, monitoring of worker satisfaction and clear examples of value for money supported by customer feedback.


  • Give examples of how improvements in service, innovations or maintained customer satisfaction are replicated across the customer base.
  • What processes have been implemented because of learnings gained from customer experience?
  • How is the provider working within their sector to share best practice and to learn from other suppliers?
  • What efforts are being made to bring up service or employment standards across the sector?


  • Outline how a good working relationship is maintained including a detailed description of processes which include the customer in planning and service delivery.
  • How does the supplier work with staff providing the services to understand challenges, devise solutions and implement improvements?
  • Describe how feedback is collated, reviewed and changes are affected. Provide examples of any patient feedback in the implementation of services.


  • How do the partnerships provide value for money and return on investment on the services over and above what the NHS organisations could do on their own?
  • What examples are there of added value as a consequence of successful partnerships and delivery of services.
  • Judges will be looking for examples such as positive relationships between delivery teams, NHS staff and patients, improved environments which contribute to patient wellbeing and potentially outcomes and any examples of efficiency improvements as a result of delivery of services.

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