Winning a HSJ Partnership Award is about more than a trophy. For the last three years, private and third sector organisations have been realising a wide range of business-critical benefits from entering. 

1. Gain national recognition: The Awards provide a national platform for shortlisted and winning organisations to be recognised as trusted partners to the NHS, thereby proving to be crucial to effective healthcare delivery nationally.

2. Showcase your expertise: Entering the programme demonstrates how by working alongside your NHS counterparts, your efforts have driven efficiencies and saved lives. This ensures that as the healthcare system recovers, your expertise is seen as fundamental to the safe and timely restoration of NHS services.  

3. Become more recognisable to NHS leaders: Shortlisted and winning projects are featured within the project showcase and featured on the HSJ news platform. This platform has the most extensive reach with senior NHS leaders, with over 77,00 subscribers to the HSJ daily and weekly newsletters and over 86,000 Twitter followers.

4. Open the doors to new opportunities: Winning or being shortlisted provides a stamp of approval from the NHS, that past entrants have said is instrumental in securing future projects.

5. Be considered integral to success: As the private sector has a critical role in the NHS reset, shining a light on your crucial contributions ensure you remain the partner of choice.  

6. Gather feedback from senior NHS judges: Your project will be closely studied by an esteemed NHS judging panel and they provide constructive feedback – capitalise on their expertise and insights to drive improvements in your services.

7. Strengthen customer relationships: Working closely with your NHS partners to develop an entry engenders trust and builds a foundation for upscaling of these projects.

8. Get shortlisted for the HSJ Awards: All HSJ Partnership Awards category winners are shortlisted into the ‘Partnership of the Year’ category in the HSJ Awards. Dubbed by the system as ‘the Oscars of the NHS’, the HSJ Awards are the highest accolade for healthcare excellence in the UK.