Information Sharing and Data Integration Award

As the Long-Term plan has outlined a demand for increasingly integrated care there is a push to unify records and make them readily accessible for all care providers within a system. Local health records which might cover GP services, A&E and social care are becoming expected practice for improved patient experiences.  

Managing local health economies requires the sharing of information across organisational and geographic boundaries and this award is designed to highlight these important initiatives. Data and information on populations and the resources applied is often inaccessible by care providers which creates bureaucracy for service users and barriers to integration. This is where partners can play their part.  

Whether through managing the underlying infrastructure, wholesale technological change or creating and applying new platforms for sharing patient records; private sector partners will have the tools and experience to make improvements. 


  • Entrants are technology providers working in partnership with NHS organisations, to deliver improved information sharing mechanisms at a PCN, ICS, STP or wider level 
  • Evidence will be related to ongoing or completed projects with a system from the past 2 years 


  • Describe the scope of the project include including all relevant partners in the system  
  • What was the brief and the goals set? Include detail on the context of information sharing between providers of care and services.  
  • Provide detail on the challenges of bringing disparate parties around the table and how the partnership aimed to bridge the divide 
  • What measures were set to ensure expectations were met? 


  • What has been the results on the ground for healthcare professionals and providers of care and services? How has integration of records, data and information on service users improved patient experience, outcomes and seamless service provision? 
  • Provide detailed supporting evidence of improvements  
  • What challenges were met in the implementation and how did the solution provider work with the healthcare system at overcoming these? 
  • How has the project delivered value for money for the system and the partner organisations? 
  • Provide testimonial evidence from staff working in the system using improvement solutions provided 


  • How have the achievements been spread further? What learnings were made and how has this information been shared with other systems? 
  • What efforts have been made by the partnership to ensure others are gaining from the experience? 


  • When designing the solution for the integration of data and information, what involvement did staff have? Describe consultation, testing and implementation from the perspective of care providers and service users. 
  • Were patients consulted at the beginning? What evidence was ascertained to support the need for change and the positive impact expected? 
  • Provide testimonial evidence that the partnership worked with teams within the system to ensure the solution was applicable and necessary. 


  • How has the new platform for sharing of information improved the experience of service users and patients?  
  • What improvements have been made in capacity, efficiency or value for money? 
  • How much further does the expenditure go as a result of sharing of data and records? 
  • Provide supporting information to substantiate any claims here. 
Information Sharing and Data Integration Award

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