Best Medicines Optimisation Project
Best Medicines Optimisation Project

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Medicines optimisation looks at the value which medicines deliver, making sure they are clinically-effective and cost-effective. Part of the Long-Term Plan, medicines optimisation is about ensuring the right patients get the right choice of medicine, at the right time, and are engaged in the process by their clinical team. As a person-centred approach that improves safety, adherence to treatment and reduces waste, this is a highly important area of focus. 

Entrants in this category will be able to demonstrate clear patient benefit achieved by their project. 


  • Judges are looking for an innovative solution and demonstrable outcomes.
  • Evidence must relate to a project, ongoing or completed within the past 2 years up until the award entry deadline.


  • Describe the scope of the project; what was the context or need for this work? 
  • What did the project team hope to achieve and how would this affect patient outcomes? 
  • Judges are looking for projects which required a partnership with an external provider and that the NHS could not have executed without help.  


  • How did the team reach their goals and what challenges were overcome?  
  • Provide evidence that results have been acted upon and supporting material that demonstrate a tangible and positive effect on patient outcomes, experience and staff ability to deliver better services across the local population.  
  • Describe how the partnership has achieved success using supporting evidence and testimonials demonstrating improved patient outcomes and experience. 


  • Have the results from the project been replicated elsewhere? What is the scope for further replication? 
  • What efforts have been made by the project team to disseminate best practice either within the NHS organisation or to other providers of healthcare?  
  • Judges will be looking for projects which can demonstrate that their success has been or has the potential of take up within other teams.  


  • How have various stakeholders been involved in the project?
  • Where did the team draw information and did it draw on expertise from disciplines from across the NHS organisation? 


  • What are the measures of value? 
  • How has the project contributed to improvements of quality of life and/or medicine adherence and/or improved outcomes?
  • Describe any added value that was realised as a result of the project.

Best Medicines Optimisation Project

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Best Medicines Optimisation Project
Best Medicines Optimisation Project

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