Best Estates Optimisation Project 

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Especially given recent emphasis on patient flow and segmented zones in hospitals during the covid-19 pandemic, STPs and ICSs are taking a more strategic view on how to drive optimal performance from the physical infrastructure across their region. With more staff also working from home during the pandemic, many opportunities for repurposing spaces have also been highlighted. 

As ICSs take shape, ensuring estates strategies are well aligned with system objectives will be key – this includes delivering care closer to home, playing a role in the drive to net zero and embedding resilience into services.  

 This award will go to an organisation which has helped the NHS make the most of its current estate, taken a cross-system approach to a project with clear benefit to the NHS organisation and patients, or found innovative solutions to help it develop new properties – often within tight budgets. It is likely to have worked closely with NHS staff – and potentially patients – to meet the NHS’s needs within the resources available.  


  • This award is open to any private or not-for-profit business which works in partnership with an NHS organisation in the field of property, facilities or estates management.   
  • These can be single partnerships or joint working projects, but must demonstrate evidence from the past two years up until the awards deadline date.   


  • Outline the scope of the project including the brief, aims and how the partnership was appointed. How was this area identified and what interested parties were involved?    
  • Provide clear evidence that the co-developed solution was more effective than the NHS was able to deliver alone. 
  • Describe the targets set to measure the effectiveness of the project, and the steps put in place to achieve them. 


  • How was the project realised and what were the results?  
  • What challenges were met during project implementation and how were these collaboratively overcome? 
  • Describe in detail with supporting information the success of the project including any financial, on-time delivery, energy, environmental and clinical metrics.


  • Has the partnership project team gained any learnings which have been or have the potential of being applied to projects elsewhere within the NHS organisation or other local health economies   
  • How have the project team worked together at disseminating best practice?  


  • What efforts were made to involve all relevant stakeholders in the planning and execution of the project?    
  • What processes were put in place to enable clear and regular communication of activity?    
  • Judges are looking for projects which have included parties effected by the plan including front-line staff, management and were relevant, patients. 


  • How was value creation included in the plan and realised in execution?    
  • Demonstrate any financial savings or improvements realised by the project  
  • Discuss any non-monetary value measures, in terms of beneficial impacts on staff, patients and the environment.  

Best Estates Optimisation Project 

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