Best Consultancy Partnership with the NHS
Best Consultancy Partnership with the NHS

Transforming services offered by the NHS and their partner organisations is important to improving many aspects of the patient, carer and staff experience as well as enhancing operations and administration. Consultancies play a positive role in helping the NHS develop services which create better outcomes for patients, save money and improve efficiency. This award has been designed to recognise consultants and their contribution to the running of services. 

The winners of this award will be able to demonstrate a positive working partnership with an NHS organisation and their partners with excellent levels of service delivery, best practice, value for money and demonstrable results. Judges are looking for joint working projects with which have clearly defined purpose, solving problems and improving outcomes. 

Projects can include sharing, integration and connectivity, diagnostics, treatment pathways and redesigns, workforce and staff engagement initiatives, cultural change, technologies and organisational development, among others.  


  • Entrants are consultancies which have delivered a joint working or partnership project in the past 2 years 
  • Projects can be ongoing by evidence must be relevant to the past 2 years up until the awards entry deadline 
  • Judges are looking for single projects with an NHS organisation and partners 


  • What was the context in which help was required?  
  • Describe the necessity and solutions that were sought. How was the consultancy appointed, what was the process and why was this particular partner chosen above other options?  
  • Judges are looking for evidence which shows that the partnership could deliver better value which the NHS could not manage on its own. Outline the goals of the partnership, how change was to be managed. 


  • What have been the results for patients and how have staff been better able to manage patients?  
  • Describe any relevant financial results and whether investment has delivered value for money. 
  • Judges will be looking for improvements in staff experience, capacity, efficiency, patient experience and outcomes.  
  • Judges will also be looking for partnerships which can demonstrate positive and valuable working arrangements with engagement from front line staff. Evidence considered will include quantitative results and testimonials from project team members and stakeholders.  


  • Have the results from the project been replicated elsewhere?  
  • What efforts have been made by the project team to disseminate best practice either within the NHS organisation or to other providers of healthcare?  
  • Judges will be looking for projects which can demonstrate that their success has been or has the potential of take up within other teams.  


  • Real tangible engagement between front line staff, patients and the project team are key to success and judges will be looking for projects which have been truly consultative.  
  • Involvement of all stakeholders in the transformation including design, implementation and then follow up.  
  • How has the project team reviewed the outcomes and how are they working with end-users to refine and adapt the changes made? 


  • Why has the partnership been of value to patients, staff and the wider NHS organisation?  
  • What was the plan around adding value to the partnership in terms of up-skilling staff, patient experience, improving processes and efficiency?  
  • Was the project value for money for the NHS organisation and how is this monitored?  
Best Consultancy Partnership with the NHS
Best Consultancy Partnership with the NHS

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